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Wait, the 965 is the same price as the 955? Really?
Hmm, I'll look into what I can find pricewise on those GPU units together and see what I can find
And the 750TX was an option I was looking at, I was just considering the 1kW as per I'm tempted to run a 5 HDD Sata2 raid array... I'm not sure 750W would be enough for that. I'll have to look further into it.

Thanks for your input and help guys, much appreciated, I'll post pics when completed!

EDIT: Yeah, the 965 is only $3 more... well... atleast @ NCIX. However not in stock as of yet. Now I've ordered the PSU (Actually got the Corsair TX850W for less than a TX750W: I LOVE RANDOM SALES!) and my RAM. Decided to go away from the OCZ and I've never read much good about Patriot so I went with something I knew I could get results from (Mushkin HP3 996629 4GB 2X2GB PC3-12800 DDR3-1600)

Thanks again guys, just waiting to get paid again to buy the GPU/CPU (Waiting for them last hoping for some last minute major price drops... LOL)

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