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Default Need help: Reboot problem

Hey guys,

Just built this rig:

CPU: Q8200 (not oc'd)
Mobo: Ep45-UD3R
RAM: 4gb PC-8500
Video: Asus EAH4830HD 512mb (not oc'd)

Just recently purchased a 24" LCD monitor (Benq G2412HD) with DVI single link connection to vid card/monitor, but previously had this rig running on a 17" CRT monitor VGA connection. While with the crt, i had resolution running at 1680X1050 all day long with no problems. Since the switch to the LCD, and running at 1920X1080 resolution, im noticing that the computer keeps rebooting. I have CCC set for 1920X1080, and i have not oc'd the video card. Im speculating the problem could be that the LCD DVI is a DVI-D type output while the video card has DVI-I outputs, and the DVI cable im using is male to male DVi-D. Could this type of connection be causing this problem? Should i get a cable connection that is DVI-I/DVI-D type?

Note: Im running everest and all temps are within stock levels, have previously run Prime95 when i built the rig and it passed all cores running for 6hrs. Only game im playering right now is Fallout 3, video settings at ultra, and displayed at 1920X1080.

Any help would be appreciated.
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