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My System Specs


Originally Posted by J2TheROC View Post
Errr im trying to keep the ram at 533 while i pump up the FSB BUT, whenever i adjust the FSB the ram freq is adjusting accordingly to keep it 1:1... Anybody with my mobo know the setting so I can set them independently of each other? Also now that its 333x9 and ram is at 333 my temps are hitting high 60's when load is around 80%.. thats kind of high aint it?

My vcore is set on Auto, but does anyone know a better vcore to put in? i've tried 1.3 and thats not enough.. but i fear it might get too hot
I dont know what the setting is called on your board. Just go thru your bios and find something that shows 3:2, 5:4, etc.

High 60's is bad, yes. You want to stay under 60, a bit of peaking above is fine, but dont crest 65. Whats your cooling like? have you reseated it?
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