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Default Computer stuttering

EDIT: I thought I had it solved and now not so much...
I'm thinking right now it is my GPU is not receiving enough power as the 3 red LEDs are flashing i bought a eah4890 from asus has a 6pin connector and 8pin both are plugged in and it worked last night and worked once today so the card can't be fried... (I only got the card last night btw...) Rest of the info below still applies.


I'm not really sure how to explain this and I have no idea what's wrong but...

My computer won't turn on, I've checked all the wiring and everything seems to be fine. the comp was working fine last night, i get home from work and not working anymore. Basically when my computer turns on it seems like nothing is receiving constant power. The fans and lights and everything seem to be getting flashes of power turning off and on off and on, but constantly doing so. So, it's not like it turns off and turns back on but you can see the lights just flashing on and off very quickly and the fans are speeding up and slowing down. Just stays in that state.

All my other electronics are working fine... Monitor seems to be working...

What would be the root of this problem? I almost feel like saying the power supply is feeding power in AC current, but that's just weird...

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