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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
For reference, the "400MHz" in the Mushkin listing is the memory's actual speed, with the effective speed being twice that.

You shouldn't have any difficulty running the memory at 1:1. Assuming that your FSB is at 266MHz, you should have a number of options for memory speeds, with the lowest being 533Mhz. These are effective speeds, meaning that the memory is actually running at only 266MHz, which is below the memory's rated speed. Generally speaking, Intel chipsets won't allow you to go below a 1:1 FSB:Memory ratio.
He can run it at a 3:2 or 5:4,

Depending on his bios it might not be effective mhz. I know my P5K wasnt anyways. To me, it sounds like right now hes ramping his ram 1:1 with his FSB, and then his ram is crapping out. Probably well before his Q66 is (imo anyways).

J2: Change the ratio to 3:2 in your bios, and see if that gives you any more head room. Thats the easiest way to tell.
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