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Originally Posted by J2TheROC View Post
HI! thanks for all the responses. My current ram is 2x2gb Mushkin PC2-6400 (400mhz) DDR2 timings are 2T 5-4-4-12 and mobo is Asus P5E x38 ICH9R Bios 0702. I am aware that i can flash the bios to rampage formula, but im scared i will brick my board. PLEASE SHOW ME HOW TO UNDERCLOCK my ram massively! the lowest i can get it to is 533mhz.
For reference, the "400MHz" in the Mushkin listing is the memory's actual speed, with the effective speed being twice that.

You shouldn't have any difficulty running the memory at 1:1. Assuming that your FSB is at 266MHz, you should have a number of options for memory speeds, with the lowest being 533Mhz. These are effective speeds, meaning that the memory is actually running at only 266MHz, which is below the memory's rated speed. Generally speaking, Intel chipsets won't allow you to go below a 1:1 FSB:Memory ratio.
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