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This isn't really a new build, just an upgrade, but it turned out to have such drastic consequences that I really do almost have a new computer.

Recently, I discovered that without any sort of airflow over my northbridge heatsink, it gets too hot to touch, so I decided to buy a Swiftech MCR-30 waterblock, and an Enzotech MST-81 MOSFET heatsink.

Note: this is also being posted on, but it's being posted on Hardware Canucks first, because Canada rules.

My computer, tastefully nude.

The MCR-30. What you aren't seeing inside the waterblock are the ridges and fins; that's because there aren't any. It's just a copper plate with water running over it. Hopefully it'll work out well enough.

Turns out the MCR-30 doesn't actually fit Asus P5Q motherboards, but by unscrewing a pair of screws, you can make the mounting arm swing out, and since it only needs a few millimeters more, I have done so.

The MCR-30 came with 1/2, 3/8, and 1/4 inch fittings, plus clamps and a teeny applicator of thermal compound. With all the mounting hardware that came with it, Swiftech has done a great job of preparing you for everything.

My waterblock had some crap stuck in the pins. Probably residue from the HW Labs radiator that got installed without (I think) being flushed first. Flush your radiators! My waterblock also smelled pretty bad, so I think it was starting to get some algae going.

Precipitate and other gunk in my old water.

Here's where my tale turns cautionary: this can happen to the best of us.

That's the plastic scratch protector. It's been on there for two processors, and it's the reason my temperaturs used to climb into the 70s range even with two radiators.

After removing it and remounting my water block, my CPU idles at 29 degrees, and it's at 44 degrees under ORTHOS. It was previously temperature capped at 3.6 GHz, but now it's sitting happily at 4.05, and I'll see how much higher I can take it over the weekend.
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