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Well, it depends on what you're doing with your audio source.

Basically, you can use your prelude to bit stream data without processing it whatsoever the moment when you output data to receiver. This means that you would do no decoding with the sound card. What will happen then is that your receiver will handle all the decoding and upmixing and whatnot, while the S/PDIF input means that you are going to stream data to the sound card for one reason or another.

In the example of watching Blu-Ray from computer, what prelude can do is that, with an internal S/PDIF connector, it will take the input from the Blu-Ray drive and stream it straight out to the receiver, which is highly desired by audiophile since they deem computer too noisy an environment to do good decoding.

The S/PDIF input though would be more useful to connect the Prelude to a PS3 and then have the Prelude handle the decoding, and spew the output over its analog lines that you would use with typical multimedia speakers. You could've simply connect the PS3 straight to the receiver instead of going through the sound card, even if there would be perfect streaming of data at any rate.
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