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Thanks Babrbarossa and Amon for the kind replies.

I too am learning to re-appreciate the older ways of doing things...IMHO not everything new is necessarily better. When my G7 bricks I'll probably replace it with a G9 corded mouse. From what I have read the G7 early deaths is usually due to crappy QC or KIA'ing those dinky 'lil batteries...would it have killed Logitech to make them bigger and last more than 7hours?

To me the G9s interchangeable body approach seems really interesting, and when I find something interesting I usually end up taking it apart to see what makes it tick. Shafts the warranty but Knowledge is worth it:)

That being said I think I need the Revolution...uberoptions allows you to turn that side body scroll wheel into a true horizontal scroll wheel. Which should make large Excel spreadsheets a breeze to navigate. Anyways I'll post a review as soon as I get it and play with it for awhile.

In the mean time I am playing with a couple different versions of Linux, in their own VMware sandboxes, to see if any are ready to become my main OS. So far they are fairly impressive but will probably end up being my 2ndary OS...sort of a 2 o'clock in the morning internet surfing OS. That is also a future review I am thinking about. Its funny, I was doing most of this stuff for my own amusement when I came across this group and this friendly competition...karma...ain't she wonderful :>
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