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Default Hosting a Lan @ my house (Markham Area NEAR McCOWAN And Steeles) Aug28th

Will be gaming from evening of Friday Aug28th to maybe midday Aug 29th
$10 entry <- lol this covers power/some alcohol/food

Looking for a few guys/gals to come and play some

Serious Sam coop (First Encounter and 2nd Encounter)
ArmA2 Coop
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

MAYBE some UT2k4

Skill Level is pretty average, so if you consider your skillz to be too "elite" then mmm you may be bored.

We are all in our mid 20's so I hate to discriminate, but we would prefer people around 22-30 to keep the gaming atmosphere comfortable.

!!!!PM ME!!!
Must not be afraid to be around ppl who "look" stoned and may or may not actually be stoned. ;)

*PS-Almost forgot, must be willing to share part of ur personal elite porn stash!
We have about 4-5 ppl right now and are looking to add just maybe 2 to 3 more

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