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Originally Posted by bojangles View Post
Agreed, but don't all those signals get bunged up? I guess not if that's what you say.... That is a great PCB you have there and now I'm thinking of getting one.
There shouldn't be any problem - at least I'm pretty sure. To the best of my understanding, fan rpm signals are just Hall-effect pulses, so they shouldn't strong enough to affect each other.

Or did you mean "bunched up"? Because there's no (reasonable) way to sync the pulses up between fans, so any sensor on that line would be getting a whole shower of pulses at weird intervals. Nine fans at 1000rpm might give out a reading of 1000rpm, or they might give a reading of 9000rpm. And you'll never see 0rpm unless all nine fail, so it's not even any good for a fan failure check.
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