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I've actually had numerous problems with Telus.. I transferred my account to their business side, when my parents opened a business, actually to speak, I wasted hours trying to troubleshoot, and then calling their tech support to troubleshoot with them, so they schedule a tech for me, guess what.. first of all it was going to cost me, and second of all I had to wait a month to get a time for the tech.. I had a tech come check out the business before, and apparently his equipment tested that it would work, unfortunately (my mistake) I had no PCs their at that time, no laptop, neither did the tech come with one..

So I got pissed, and called Shaw, we scheduled, he was on time.. I got an installation done within a day, and I had no hickups in 3 years of service.. and since I was an existing customer, and the business was sort of small business, I had a residential internet access...

Paul really, call Shaw back.. Sign as a new customer (new phone number) and usually get some kind of 3 months deal..

Oh and FixT, I didn't know they had student pricing, I'm doing a part time certificate, and finished one course, going for the next one next month.. I don't have a student-id, but enough amount of proof to show i'm a student, ima call them really..
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