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My System Specs


Yeah, its "Steam". The utility used by valve to push all their games out and launch them, like Half-Life, GTA4, L4D, etc:

So, it was 28gb in size for the main folder. Contains 4 or 5 full games in there. Some large, lots of small files, I'm sure. I got 50MB/s. So 3 gigs a min to move them, give or take ~9 min to move the whole folder.

I really wasnt sure if that was normal. Like I said and CM reiterated, there is alot of factors that can affect it. But I figured there should be some kind of general "Oh crap, something is wrong" kind of area. Your quick check between the jpg's and DVD file seem consistant with the speed I got with the steam folder. Maybe I'll zip it up and try moving that to see if the cache comes into play a bit better.

Thank for the help guys.
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