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My System Specs


I've noticed it really depends on what files your moving. I did some tests for an example but it's from an SATA raid (2x7200.10 Seagate's) to a WD 250GB IDE.

Ran tests 3 times each and took info only from Vista's file transfer status window.

Small files about 4MB's each jpeg's 2.7GB in total:
Seems the cache on the drives don't come too much in to play here as it starts off at around 35MB's/sec and averages 28MB's/sec

Ripper DVD in folder, files average between 300MB & 500MB 6GB total:
Seems the caches play a bigger role here and the file sizes too, starts at 80MB's/sec and averages 60MB's/sec

One 1.8GB .MKV file:
The cache play a huge role here with the single large file, starts at 170MB's/sec? and averages 70MB's/sec. About 25sec to copy.

As you can see the cache is playing a big role here along with file sizes, my raid0 in HDtune averages 130MB's raw and the WD 250 60Mb's. As you can see I'm getting the maximum speed from the large file transfers which is limited by the WD 250. I would think that the same would be true for you as the maximum speed of your drives would be reached when transferring large files, I'm guessing the Stream folder you moved had smaller files in it?
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