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Originally Posted by Squeetard View Post
Say goodbye to the last bottleneck in your system, and the last moving parts. Hard disks need to go the way of punch cards. what an amazing difference. So snappy, can't wait to get 3 in Raid0 at home.
Amen. Slowly but surely we relegate wax cylinders, shellac, vinyl and polycarbonate disks, mylar and acetate tapes and films, and other mechanical media back to the second millenium with typewriters, inkwells, punchcards and floppies.

Once you've experienced the response of SSDs you'll never go back. They're faster, consume less power, and are more durable. Capacities have caught up with or surpassed HDDs. The only problem is the present cost.

In the long run, they'll be cheaper too. HDDs are precision mechanical devices. SSDs are a few chips soldered on a PCB. The technology is developing so fast now that R&D costs are high that each new generation has to bear this cost. Once the technology is mature, and all the R&D is paid for, prices will plummet. Look at the price of DDR2 SDRAM.

Unfortunately most of us still have other moving parts in our computers, mostly fans. Having to occasionally connect an optical drive to my EeePC901 is a minor annoyance like needing a FDD for F6 drivers in XP. Otherwise it's dead still except during heavy gaming, when the fan finally kicks in.
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