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Thaks for the kind words Supergrover.
Over the past 2 years I have tried literaly DOZENS of SD cards. Corsair, OCZ, Sandisk, Kingston, name it I tired it. To me the best band for the buck is Sandisk or OCZ IF you get a good one. The OCZ cards are made by if you get a good one you get a really good one...but if you get a bad one...its just nasty.
I also own the 60X and the speeds are damn near identical...I think I'll do up another review showing off the 60x version next :>

The worst experience I had was with a Patriot. 500 shots....not even a full card and BANG it was giving corrupt image errors left and right.

A friend of mine teaches photography and while they mainly deal with CF cards her "beginner" cameras use SD and she swears by Sandisk. Some of her SD cards have over 70,000 pictures taken on them....and thats at 10+ megapixel resolution!

Just my 02 cents...YMMV
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