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Originally Posted by MpG View Post
You may want to bear in mind that the Intel SSD's are presently going into their second generation. At the moment, would-be buyers are presently forced to choose between the first generation, which Intel claims won't be receiving updated firmware to work properly in Windows 7, and the second generation, which has a weird (if rare) data-corruption issue that hasn't been patched yet.

And even if it works into your budget, a pair of 4890's could be considered a little overkill for gaming at 19x12. You could probably pocket an extra hundred or so if you dropped down to a pair of 4870's. Just a thought.
Thanks for the advice on the ssd. I did read somewhere regarding a Windows 7 issue with ssd's, but I thought they already did release a firmware upgrade for the drives? That might have been a seperate issue. Regardless I'll keep reading, not buying until October anyway. I have been juggling 4870's and 4890's all week. I guess it depends on how the availability works in October for the distribution center, if I went with 4870's, that's my heatsink and fan almost right there.
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