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Originally Posted by frontier204 View Post
Welcome to the forums! I hope you'll learn from the folks here like I have.

I don't know enough about i7 builds to talk about performance, but I just want to confirm you have a good backup plan, right?

After losing 3 HDDs (1 TB Samsung, 500GB Seagate, 250GB Fujitsu) this year, I just can't see myself having 2 TB of data relying on TWO drives to remain stable.

Also I think you know as well as I how bad an ugly yellow or dust-colour keyboard will look with all that new stuff
Haha. The keyboard is luckily grey and black but regardless it's getting replaced. So are the mouse and speakers eventually. For the storage, I like the amount of space and it's still within budget. By good backup plan, do you mean backup system? I have an older system I can always setup in case of emergency and I am budgeting for mishaps as I play with this rig. I'm also overly careful with stuff so I should be okay.

Thanks guys, and for the welcome frontier.
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