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Update time........some pics from pre-test , as well as a catchup....


I made a 'battery plug' to externalize the battery........from a dime and a nickle :


I chopped down the video card heatsink , and lapped /cut the's all installed sans TIM.....

Trimmed and siliconed in :


Here's some shots from the night before the test :




I have completely torn down the thinktank 2 :


I found out where the masking tape came from.Pump output ,you can see where it tore away ;




At this point , everything has been dissassembled so I can check all the sat for a week full of Iso ....All the seals look fine.

I have noticed a slight 'tightening' of the molex connectors , I'm guessing they change a bit with the Iso.....


More right away.

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