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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Enaberif, they ARE hard drive replacements; albeit high performance HDD replacements. Up until SSDs the hard drive was doing double duty as mass storage AND OS loader. In the future HDDs will be for storage only and SSDs will be for the OS.

A good SSD like the Vertex or even Summit IS a huge improvement over any HDD, including the WD blacks and the VRaptors or even SCSI 15k drives. They really do make your system seem faster and are easily biggest one piece upgrade that will make even an old system feel like new. On a new system, 9 times out of 10 by the time you have released the mouse button from double clicking the icon of program the damn thing will be loaded. It even makes PHOTOSHOP CS3 / CS4 load times peppy!

There really is no comparison and now that the stuttering issue is a thing of the past, my question is WHY would anyone building a new mid level or higher rig NOT go SSD?

Right now I am running a single Torqx in an old craptop and it easily has added years to the life of my laptop.

When Win 7 comes out my main rig will be outfitted with at least one SSD, and I can not wait for SATA 3.0 and that gen of SSDs!
I never said they weren't ;) I was speaking in regards to what lowfat said :P

And again I'll say they'll never become a replacement until costs come way down and that people can justify spending the cost of 1 tiny SSD for the cost of 1 large platter.
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