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Originally Posted by Goti View Post
Well my budget I would say is between 70 - 100 Canadian, before and or after rebates (buying from Direct Canada) - I could spring the extra 30 bucks on the 620.

I don't want to skimp out that's for sure, so really I can make it between 75 - 115, and just not buy that case of beer for this weekend. ;)

Doesn't need to be modulator.
Direct Canada you say, well

Corsair VX550W 550W ATX 12V 41A 24PIN ATX Power Supply Active PFC 120MM Fan - DirectCanada 550 Watt 650 Watt (cheaper at NCIX than Direct Canada, plus they are the same company anyways )

or if you like modular (not worth it personally, you pay more for less power because of modular )

I trust CWT built Corsairs much more than Antecs Seasonic built personally (thou they are both great Teir 3 OEM's regardless)

Heres a review on the Corsair by some of more reputable & trusted PSU Expert's

jonnyGURU's Personal Website

And heres a review on the OP650

jonnyGURU's Personal Website

They score VERY highly and are really worth the money, Hell I consider that price a steal, but then again I just paid 250 after taxes and shipping for the DA850 Watt Silverstone
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