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Default Neutac S51354 - 5.1 Channel Speaker System REVIEW

This speaker system is retail brand. I could not find any online store that had it listed. The website is here: NEUTAC


It's fairly simple. You open it up and inside are some cables. One 3.5mm to 3.5mm green audio cable, and three 3.5mm to red/white RCA cables. You then have to turn the box upside down to empty the foam surroundings for the sub, five satellites, main panel, and 9V power adapter. All the cables on the satellites and sub are covered in a plastic wrap. All components are covered in similar plastic wrap. The plastic wrap are secured by - what seems to be - dollar store tape. They are incredibly hard to get off by hand, you need scissors to cut the wrap. When you have all parts opened up and free of any plastic or twist ties, you can start putting the system together. There is two uses for this specific model. You can hook it up to a DVD player, or a PC, or MP3 player. I'll only be covering the PC side of the system. Not the DVD side.

So I have the main panel connected. This main panel looks a lot like a router or modem. It is fairly heavy with no rubber feet so if you have an expensive table, it's best you put this no-where near it. The panel has 4 dials and one power button. The dials include a Master volume control, Surround volume control, Center volume control, and a Bass volume control. On the back is 10 different sockets for plugs. Three of them are for 3.5mm audio cables. They include one for Front/Stereo, Surround, and Center/Bass. The RCA sockets include a Right and Left Front, Right and Left Surround, Bass, and Center. All are fairly easy to find.

I'm comparing this to an Edifier M3300. These speakers from Edifier are the best I've ever purchased. Only $50 too. The Neutac S51354 although does not come even close to the quality of my current speakers. The right and left surround speakers aren't even loud. I cannot hear them when I unplug the front left and right speakers. They are that quiet. The Bass isn't even worth having on, it gives me a headache. The bass is very flat. Each satellite is 1W, while the sub-woofer is 5W. (for those of you who are ready to disagree please stand down. The makeshift manual says that each satellite is 1W, and the 3" sub is 5W. Total of 10W. Not 30W.)

Music doesn't sound full when listening to it on these speakers.

Not bad, it's not like you are really listening to what's going on in a game. I tried this playing Fallout 3 and CS:S. In CS:S, gun shots are very horrible sounding. The bass just doesn't make it sound great. Shooting a gun almost sounds like throwing a rock in a sewer drain. You hear the rock echo forever. The same here.

Sorry I didn't have any pictures. I just had to post a review of this product. I've been looking at it for days and finally had the courage to buy it. Although, I am disappointed. I'm going to pack it up and bring it back tomorrow.

I hope this helps anyone who searches this surround system over Google.

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