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Default Liberty 500 watt and x1950 agp, is it enough?

Hi all,

I looked and looked, and really couldn't find any answers today on whether or not this PSU will kick enough juice for me.

Recently my PSU fried, which fried my Vid Card, so I'm upgrading to a x1950 pro agp, and am wondering if the Enermax Liberty 500 Watt will suffice to run this system:

P4 3.2c
Asus P4C800E-Deluxe
1 gig OCZ Gold - PC800
x1950 pro agp 512
2x Raptor 74 gig - Raid 0+1
Audigy Platinum External
Plextor CD-Burner
LG DvD-reader
3 - 80 mm sys fans
1 - 120 mm sys fan

With the 32 amps total from both rails, I "think" it will, but I'm not certain if that's going to be the case, as I know the Vid card alone wants 30 amps sustained (not positive if this PSU is going to be a sustained 32 amps).

I would just go with the 620 version and not worry about it, if it wasn't 30 bucks more expensive atm, and if I wasn't going to be out of work in January (which I am now, so this is a bit of a blow to the pocket book).

Any help would be appreciated.

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