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Default Older dell XPS value?

I've got a dell xps that's about 5-6 years old now and sees little use. I was wondering what it could be worth since I'm having a hard time finding a similar model to price. Its got:
P4 3.4ghz Prescott processor with hyper threading
1gb dual channel @ 2.5-2-2 (forget Tras and if its ddr2 or ddr 400)
Radeon 9600M Pro 128mb graphics
8x DVD burner
80gb harddrive
DVI/VGA output
15.6" screen.. I've got all original discs and the adapter.

The bad news: The battery no longer holds a charge, and there are a couple scratches on the back of the screen. And, containing a desktop processor, it is about 2" think, fans can get loud and weighs 10lbs.

Even though it still performs well and I've never had any hardware issues with it, I don't know if I could get a worthwhile amount selling it simply due to its noise and lack of portability.
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