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He does but he doesn't have 2 cores. P4 was the first processor to implement hyper threading, which is an intel technology used to improve parallel computations. A processor with hyper threading enabled it is treated by the OS by having 2 processors instead of one.

You mentioned it takes a while for him to burn a DvD, it could be that the burning speeds (seeing as it is 6 years old and may have been a low quality burning to begin with) could be x2 times which is rather slow. It could also be both those devices are connected not with the faster SATA connection, but rather IDE (or PATA) which is a physical hardware bottleneck there.

Graphics card will not bottleneck a system if it is not being used, and you mention the bottleneck is happening cpu side. Potentially the CPU is running rather hot, or there could be a lot of dust on parts. Dust in fans or on the mobo/components will cause slow down as well the thermal paste that is on the heat sink could have dried up causing the cpu to heat up as well.
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