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Default What's The Bottleneck On This Older Rig?

Hi dudes,

I'm using a friend's PC here, and all works well, except...

PC is used largely for browsing, e-mail, older games (AoEIII, World Of Goo, so nothing terribly taxing). Hardware is older:

- P4 3.00GHZ (device manager shows two CPUs, so dual-core?) It's about 6 years old.
- 2GB RAM (maxed)
- Radeon 9600 Pro 256MB

Everything runs without difficulty, except for these two: unRARing a torrent (>/<4.25GB) takes an agonizing 45 minutes(!!). Burning the resultant ISO at max speed takes the same amount of time. My crappy old Dell Inspiron, spec'ed lower than this box, unRARed in 4 minutes flat, burnt the ISO in 15 minutes at 4x spped. Also, movies played using Power DVD run in a choppy fashion.

AVG shows no viruses. Malwarebytes reports no problems. Both HDDs have been de-fragged. I ran CC Cleaner last night. PC was re-formatted roughly 11 months ago, and was just as slow performing these tasks when freshly formatted as it now. So what's the bottleneck here?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help. Cheers.


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