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My System Specs


The great majority of this has already been covered by AkG's review, but I figured I'd try to cover all of the steps in case somebody out there with an AMD platform has never installed an aftermarket cooler. Please excuse the poor quality of the images... I never did get the hang of taking decent pics.... :)

On the left is AMD's stock cooler. It's a simple matter of flipping the latch on the side to release the spring tension on it. Once the pressure is off, the square holes on the spring bar can be manouvered off of the plastic tabs. Be careful when you remove the heatsink as there will be an airlock between the heatsink and the CPU (caused by the thermal compound) which will effectively "glue" the CPU to the bottom of the heatsink. If you pull too hard without breaking the seal, you risk pulling the CPU out of the socket and damaging the pins. It's best to apply a mild upwards force on one of the corners of the heatsink at the same time as you rotate it back and forth.

On the right, we see the top retention bracket with the CPU in the center. Since the Hyper 212+ comes with it's own backplate we'll need to remove those 4 screws to get it (and the plastic backplate) off.

In these images we see the backplate from the other side of the motherboard. Once you remove the 4 screws from the top retention bracket this piece will also come loose. I've had to hunt these things down from time to time when selling a used AMD board, so I make it a practice to attach the top and bottom pieces together with the screws and store them in the motherboard box for future use.

That's it for motherboard prep, we're now ready to start installing our new toy.....
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