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Originally Posted by burebista View Post
Nope, we have a new kid in (our ) town: ZALMAN CNPS 10X EXTREME
ZALMAN CNPS 10X EXTREME - stock mounting and without lapping
THERMALRIGHT ULTRA 120 EX - stock mounting, lapped
PROLIMATECH MEGAHALEMS - stock mounting, lapped
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 lapped
Extreme TDP
3827mhz - 1.616 vcore load

High TDP
3711mhz - 1.488 vcore load

Medium TDP
3307mhz - 1.344 vcore load
Open stand, load with prime95 Small FFTs

Yep, but for TRUE to shine you need to lap and washer mod it.

Anyway, all those heatsinks are very good, just pick one that suits your taste and be happy.

Look closer people..
Intel E8400, Biostar TPower i45
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