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Default ASUS board sleep problems solution

I found a post to share on here when I was searching for the solution of a problem I seem to be having. in case anyone else has or will run into the problem. The computer is left alone for a while it tries to go to sleep, doesn't quite sleep (all LEDs are on) and it goes to a black screen with the blinking underscore in the top left.
Totally unresponsive and you have to hold down the power button to turn it off, when it boots back up you are prompted to press F1 to enter setup or F2 to reset BIOS. Either option you are proceeded to a "Resuming Windows" instead of "Starting Windows' screen.
When that boots up you have nothing loaded in your tray and drivers aren't working properly. You restart it again and then the internet doesn't work well for another little bit (This connection was reset, is not a trusted source <---rofl!)
Upon further inspection you'll also notice that your time and date have reset to 2002 or something.

Turns out there are a couple of BIOS options for powersaving that seem to be causing this problem.

Change Repost Video on S3 Resume from NO --> YES.
Change ASPI 2.0 SUpport from DISABLED --> ENABLED

Solution found here:
Sleep issues: Unable to wakeup - Cyber Tech Help Support Forums
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