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Default Vantec xternal 58-1 card reader/writer

Vantec's portable hi speed usb 2.0 58-1 xternal card reader/writer

Well packaged,fast,supports large memory cards,480mbps,very compact,no drivers needed plug/play.

Works great with xp-home/vista-64bit iv'e used it with both those o s.

I have not timmed it but iv'e transferd a few hundred pics and it seems fast 2 me.

Size cord=38",unite w 2" x L 4" x thickness 1 qauter of an inch.

Time iv'e used this is about 1 year.

Only reel negative thing i found with this unite is the pins can be bent if not carefull when inserting the card.

This product cost me $19;00,and i bought the xtended warr [ipr] i think it was only about $1;00 for 4 years.

My mian reasun 4 this purchase was my powershot g2 was not compatable with vista 64 when we upgraded all r rigs 2 vista 64

And it lights up 4 whichever card u r incerting

So if your in the markit 4 a card reader/writer i dont think u can go wrong with this pocket sized unit.

Here is a few pics of the unite
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Man all this computor stuff is 2 addicting.Even thou i dont need 2 i allways wanna upgrade.
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