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Default Remote Monitoring

I had a fun day yesterday with my girlfriend's computer and my old rig that going to be turning into my parent's computer. First off, i put the e6400 and the lovely donated heat sink from John into her mobo to only find out after getting it all set up, that her mobo doesn't support ocing. Spent an hour trying to update firmware and all the dog and pony until i realized my back up 775 board thats in my old rig is OC'able (not the greatest but still something). I swapped the parts, found that the stock speed temps were a good 4C lower on my old rig mobo (which was a plus). Then spent an hour trying to find a good OC speed and temp, ended up settling with 2.58GHz, at full load folding it is about 55C in my basement.

Now unto my actual question, how do i remotely monitor the folding progress of that vmware client via my computer (so i can see whats going on with it, see my total pdd, etc) that is on a different network (her computer at at her parents place, mine is at my own).
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