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Default Windows Media Center w/ SP3 Reports 1.75GB of RAM

Hi everyone,

Here is my problem.

I have a system running Windows XP Media Center Edition w/ SP3. When I view the system properties it shows that 1.75GB of RAM is available. The computer system is a Dell XPS 700 with 4.0GB of Memory using 1.0GB modules. The system is also outfitted with 2X Nvidia 7950X2 for Quad SLI. Each of those cards have a video 1.0GB memory buffer and of course in SLI that would mean the video setup still has a 1.0GB buffer.

All Windows XP iterations running under the 32bit Process can only support a maximum of 4.0 GB of memory. And normally it is shows to most users between 2.75 - 3.0gb. As the rest is allocated to hardware. So my question lies with the video card since it theoretically should consume another 1.0gb of leaving 1.75GB. Will my system be technically running with only 1.75GB of memory? Since 1.0GB will be reserved for the video card. Is there a method of disabling this feature since running games like Crysis will definitly require more ram? Basically I just want to know how that 1.0GB of missing memory will be used.

Best Regards,
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