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Unhappy Try to recover info from an ext2 dying HDD

Though so far i've had no success in using the 4 major problems people use. I suspected something was a miss when i was trying ot watch any movie on it and it would say it lost connection(through my dns 323) and the movie would freeze/crash. When i go to copy/paste it runs into the same issue, saying it cannot access the drive. Funny thing is, the 1.5TB sitting in the other bay can read/write with 0 issues which leads me to believe my 320GB WD HDD is slowly dying. I tried plugging it into my computer but i can't access the ext2 partion that contains all the damn movies i have on it. I'm up for any suggestions

Edit: I can access and copy over files in the latest version of uBuntu, unfortunately it seems like a lot of the files are fragmented (don't copy the entire files over). Is there some way i can run a disc fix or something on them (what's it called in linux, i can't remember)
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