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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
I took a look at the link, and his vdimm at 1.72 volts (post #13). I thought the max safe vdimm is 1.65v since i7 memory controller can only take 1.65 volts. Any comments?
The 1.65v thing was something raised with ES (engineering sample) chips. As far as I can tell (and have read) this issue was either solved or deemed unneeded on final silicon. Only that if you give it (massive) volts you could fry chips. This seems to be in/around >1.9-2.0v

Everyone keeps just pointing to the anandtech article where this was raised as their validation that its true. It was nearly 300 days ago the article was written and he said it, citing NDA that he couldnt say more. He never followed up on that statement.

Who knows? Maybe someone with better googling skills the myself can find the 'official' Intel press release. I cant seem to.
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