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I bought the STX about two months ago, and it sounds great with my headphones (Beyerdynamic DT660 and Grado 325is). I haven't experimented with different op-amps yet, nor have I been able to use the line-out yet: the amp in my Klipsch 5.1 speakers died awhile ago (apparently that's a common problem...) and I've been so happy with my headphones I haven't felt the need to replace the speakers (eventually I'll get around to buying a proper amp/reciever and speakers, but for now I have higher spending priorities).

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Thanks Robscix

Just to clarify the STX is stereo RCA analog out only. Meaning stereo or 2 channel opamps can be swapped The ST is upgradable to an expansion daughter board H6 that comes with additional multichannel analog outputs with swappable opamps that will serve my requirements of customizing the opamp for the subwoofer channel.

Its just that I use two different distinct opamps for the fronts and sub. My sytem is 2.1 analog stereo playback only.

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Too bad my STX won't support the H6 expansion: I don't need/want multi-channel at the moment, but it would be nice to have the option in the future. I guess this means there'll be an STX v2.0 coming out soon.

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The denons have sibilance issues, period.

the source is just being honest
Can you provide more information on this? Do you know if it affects the higher end D5000 and D7000 as well as the D2000's? I'd like a pair of closed headphones which sound as good as my Grados (my DT660's are closed, but I'm not completely satisfied with their sound) and the Denon's seem to be the best closed headphones available, so I'm tempted to pickup a pair...
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