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Madrach - Good question about the power supply. My current power supply has a 2x12 connector (total 24 pins) which fit the ATX connector on the board. But I did NOT connect a 4-pin power connector to the board in the other location. When I read the book it was a little confusing and appeared that the 4-pin was not needed when the main connector was a 2x12 pin, only when the main connector was a 2x10 pin. Therefore I concluded that I only needed the 24 pin connection. My old Mobo only had the 2x10 power connector and no secondary 4 pin

On re-reading that section of the manual, one could interpret that both the 24 pin and 4 pin connections are needed. I will try that and let you know what happens. Should there be only a single square 4-pin connector coming out of the power supply? If there are many, does it matter which one I use? If it matters, how do I select the correct one?
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