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Unhappy Upgraded Hardware Won't Boot to Bios

I definitely need help from the Troubleshooting Gurus in this forum.

Background: I am attempting to upgrade a desktop computer with a new Motherboard, CPU, Memory and Video card while reusing the existing case, power supply (500W), hard drives (2 x 250GB ATA133) and optical drives (IDE). This machine is used for photo editing, web browsing, light MS-Office applications and email. No gaming at all.

The New Components: Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (version 1); CPU - Intel Core2Duo E6750; Memory - Corsair PC6400 DDR2, 2 x 1GB sticks; Video card - EVGA GeForce 7200GS PCI Express, 256MB; SATA / RAID Controller card with IDE header.

Build Process: Using static protection procedures, mounted the new Mobo to the case tray, added the CPU & fan, installed memory in the paired slots, connected the front panel switches and indicator lights, connected case fans, connected internal speaker, connected power supply and attached the optical drive ribbon cable to the IDE header. Checked all connections were tight and verified polarity. Mounted Mobo tray to chassis and installed Video card and Raid/IDE header card and attached the hard drive ribbon cable to the IDE header on this card.

Troubleshooting Process: On intial power up, no POST. Case lights and fans function, CPU fan spins, Optical drives start briefly, but not beeps or video. However, the hard drives do not spin and the HDD case light is on solid. Cycled the power, but no change.

Removed the hard drive ribbon cable from the RAID card IDE header and restarted. Hard drives spin, but no beeps or video.

Removed the optical drive ribbon cable from the Mobo IDE header and replaced with HDD cable. Restarted - no beeps or video.

Removed the RAID card and restarted. No beeps or video.

Removed the HDD ribbon cable from the Mobo IDE and restarted. No beeps or video.

Reversed the internal speaker connection just in case the polarity was wrong. No beeps or video.

Removed one memory stick. No luck. Replaced it with the other stick. No luck.

I am thinking Video card problem or Mobo problem. My old video card is AGP so I can't put it in to test the Video portion but the monitor reports that the video card is connected, just not sending a signal. Possbily jumping to conclusions, I read through the 10 Steps to BIOS Start and other threads in the forum and tried a BIOS reset on the Mobo. Removed battery and installed the reset jumper. No beeps, no video.

So, here I am with the main family computer in pieces and no idea what to try next. Does anyone have some advice that would save me from the looming dinner-table tribunal?
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