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You know few things that Corsair really do good with this case is..

1- It's ready for a triple rad, right out of the box.. As you can see at the top, you don't have to remove anything, just screw 3 fans or a triple rad..

2- Second was, I haven't seen any case some with a variety of cables, imo SATA cables with less gap (which is what the power supply manufacturers are supposed to be making their cables like)..

3- Cable management holes with grommets, wow..

But the flaws, imo.. no security, plastic stuff.. steel, and probably heavy too..

Not saying it's better or worse than the CM ATCS 840, certainly one to see a proper review off, I wish HWC review this case..

But as for the fact to see if it'll give a run to Silverstone, Lian Li.. um.. forget about it, those cases are sheer quality, built to perfection, they might have flaws, but still.. for the price you pay to get an expensive case, you're getting something really worth it..

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