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My System Specs


*gasp* I have a 64MB Radeon 7000 PCI too!
Have fun with that, it was a crap card when it came out. IIRC it is missing Transform & Lighting or something and that really hobbles it. heh. If you don't care if it is at risk until you get something better then you might consider overclocking that sucker to the limit for fun.
The VRAM on mine (I think it is a sapphire.. black PCB + silver colour HS little in the way of markings) went up to 238.85Mhz without any hardware modifications. Higher and I had slight artifacts.
I used ATIccelerator II. I know, pussy overclocking. (PPC Mac users are not completely limited to "pussy overclocking" however, as seen in the letter at the end of articles such as this: Dual G4 533MHz Overclocking )

I have not done the GPU yet as that requires re-flashing it and my most recent PC is not setup.

There are too many games for me to list but as for a short list of what games it can handle, things like Halo, UT03, DOOM 3, Postal 2, 007 Nightfire, BF1942, Enemy Engaged, Wolf ET, CoD, Ford Racing 2(meh, it is crap anyway), C&C Generals, Danger from the Deep, etc are out. Well, Halo is pushing acceptable with one or two other players on blood gulch but I would not consider it that decent really. That is coming from someone who played through the Halo demo on a 300Mhz G3 w/ 1MB L2 on 100Mhz bus, 512MB 168pin PC100 SDRAM and a 64MB DDR Radon 7000 PCI in a 66Mhz 32bit PCI slot. ...don't look at me like that, it was 2005 if I recall and I needed something to do.

Games such as WarCraft III, Warrior Kings, Soldier of Fortune II, FreeSpace 2 OSP, BTRL, Dungeon Siege, Neverwinter Nights, SW JK: JA, X-Plane 7, AvP2, Max Payne, GR: DS, Urban Terror, Tremulous, Sauerbraten, TIR, Racer, MoH, etc are mostly playable if not easy for the card. You will want to keep your screen res fairly low though, 640x480 to 1024x786 should be your limits.
On a side note, I am only using OpenGL here so these lists may not completely apply for everybody.

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