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My System Specs


Quadcore = essentially 4 pc's working concurrently
No games on the market optimize dualcore/quadcore technology at this time. Hence they all run on 1 core.
If you run a dualcore 1 core runs the game 1 core runs whatever other software you are using including background programs
If you run a quadcore 1 core runs the game 3 cores run whatever other softaware you are using including background programs
For speed you can OC an E6850 to 3.6/4.ghz
For performance you can OC a Q6600 GO to 3/3.6ghz if you're extremely lucky
If you put a fast cpu on a crap board you will get crap performance so for gaming...
Good MB
8000 series Graphics
Sata HD
2ghz PC6400 high performance ram
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