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My System Specs


For IRC/other IM/webbrowsing/music/etc I highly advise an old laptop/notebook sitting beside your gaming rig. It does not have to be that powerful, just capable enough to do what you need.
I find this setup extremely convenient if I am organizing a game via IRC or just hanging out in channels.

I use a somewhat upgraded PowerBook G3 Series Rev 2 (introduced 1998) running Mac OS X 10.4.10.
300Mhz G3 (XPC750, PRX300RB) w/ 1MB L2, 384MB RAM, 40GB HD, stock 20x CD-ROM hotswap module, stock floppy hotswap module, Linksys WPC54G v3, Macally CardBus FireWire 400.
Just connect that sucker up to the second input of the speaker set above my desk and it is a great IRC/browsing/whatever machine while I am gaming. Need extra storage for music or some fast networking? FireWire! Want to have an audio chat with someone? Great mic in the top of the display housing!

I do not doubt that if other users here did this they would use an x86 based computer but it is just an example. You can use whatever you have. Portables are nice though as they generally have trackpads and small keyboards so you can get them close to your gaming machine with minimal consumption of desk space.
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