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My System Specs

Default Crazy GPU PPD, Crap CPU PPD, help please

Hey all, I have a client installed for my CPU and GPU, and installed Fahmon yesterday and have it all set up. Today I checked it to get an idea of my PPD, and this is what it says:

GPU: 4088.00*
CPU: 250.84

When I check my Task Manager - Performance it says I am never at than 25-45% CPU Usage and 1.80 GB average reading under Memory (I have 4 GB installed). Any suggestions? Is this normal?

Also, the back of my case where my gpu is attached on the inside is quite warm to the touch, should I give it a break, or is this normal? Is it safe to run both processors all night/all day?

EDIT: Also, I am going to be on vacation for 2 weeks straight (16 days actually), is it safe for my system to leave it folding on both processors for that time? I don't have money to replace anything if it craps out
Case: Antec Sonata III 500 (w/1 TriCool fan and an Earthwatts 500 PS)
CPU: Core 2 Quad Q8400 @ 2.66Ghz
MOBO: Asus P5Q Pro Turbo (P45 chipset)
Ram: OCZ PC2-8500 DDR2 Reaper 2x2GB
VID: EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1Gb 256bit GDDR3
HDD: Western Digital 640Gb 7200rpm Black
Monitor: LG W2353 23" LCD (Full HD)

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