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Default Watercooling the Antec 900

Yeah. You read that right, watercool the Antec 900. People around here have some mixed opinions on the case but I think it should be feasible. I've seen other people manage so I don't see why I can't...

I'm mainly just looking at watercooling my CPU as I don't exactly like having 65C load temps nor do I want to lower my OC, if anything I'd rather push it higher Perhaps in the future I could do other things but I'm not up to spend a fortune on it right now.

Silence is not totally a major issue, quiet would be nice but as long as it's no louder than it is right now (Antec Tri-cool fans on medium), I can live with it. Also have the rad mounted on the back is fine with me, I honestly don't expect it to fit inside.

Preferably I'd like to keep it around $200 total, just looking at things it seems possible. Probably 3/8" tubing (or smaller?) to try and not make my case just a box of tubing. Some pictures for space/setup: Picasa Web Albums - JD - Antec 900

Now I've never installed watercooling before but I've read quite a bit. I was hoping to have the pump and reservoir side by side in the bottom of the case (beside the PSU), but it seems like the res has to be higher than the pump.

I'm not going to buy it for a while still though, probably around December for Christmas, but I wanted to get some suggestions/ideas in advance.

Here's what I've been looking at so far:
  • D-TEK Fuzion or Swiftech Apogee GT
  • Swiftech MCR220
  • D-TEK DB-1 Pump (any comments on this?)
  • Clearflex 3/8" tubing (is Tygon worth it?)
  • Swiftech MCRES-MICRO
  • Swiftech MCB-120 Radbox
  • Smartcoils 625 (I think I'm going to need some tight bends, so do these help?)
  • And probably replace all the barbs with high-flow 3/8" ones from D-TEK or DangerDen (stock dependent) along with HydrX and black hose clamps.
  • Fans? Seems like Yate Loons are the way to go?
Thanks for reading this long post and hopefully you'll have something to reply with.
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