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nice job and I like how you were straight up about showing your painting skills...most people would just prefer to show the good looking shots.

As for self etching primer I think you're fine since you used Tremclad (rust paints don't require primer). And primer doesn't make a paint job look better - it provides a better surface for the paint to adhere to where if you had used normal paint without Primer the paint job might likely flake or peel in a year or less.
Personally for case interiors I'd use primer then spray it with matte non-rust paint (more even look, paint adheres better, fast drying allowing for multiple coats to be done without waiting long) but that's just me. But Tremclad or any rust paint is fine too.

Those blemishes on the paint job are normal especially when using spray cans. Paint sags (from overspraying on an area or paint dripping off edges) and paint blobs ( from imperfect nozzles ) are hard to avoid for a beginner.

Kinda too late now since you've finished your build but as future reference, to get rid of it you'll have to wetsand those areas with low grit 240-320 sandpaper. If the sags/blobs are rather large start with a coarser sandpaper (180-220) then move to 240 or higher. It's like lapping a heatsink only you're not lapping to a mirror finish , just sanding off the imperfections to get a smooth finish for the next coat. After that apply the next coat and if things go well it'll be the final coat. :)

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