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My System Specs


One more typo:
Here is a list of the items which are included with this motherboard:
  • 1 x Floppy Cable
  • 1 x IDE Cable
  • 4 x SATA Cables
  • I/O Panel
  • ASUS front panel Q-Connector kit
  • Gigabyte Sticker
  • Multilingual Installation Guidebook

As you can see, the accessory bundle is somewhat bare, but it does come with the essentials. We would have appreciated an extra pair of SATA cables, since two seems a little stingy to us. Speaking of SATA cables, only one of the two cables is of the angled variety, but that is perfectly understandable given the location of this motherboard's SATA ports. Overall, this is an acceptable accessories bundle when one considers this model's bargain basement price.
You list 4 x SATA cables, but picture shows 2 and your paragraph says your disappointed with 2. And the Q-Connector as already mentioned.

Otherwise good review. Solid budget board which I figured would be the case anyways.
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