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Originally Posted by BALISTX View Post
My wife is going to buy me an LCD monitor cause she loves me and she can't stand seeing me use my old POS Dell 17" CRT anymore. Since I really do not know much about LCD montiors, other than the lower the response time the better and the higher the contrast ratio the better. I will mainly being using the monitor to surf the web and play games. My video card is a XFX GeForce 7900 GS XT. The cards max digital output is 2560x1600. Oh and she gave me a budget of no more than $250.00

The first thing you should do is throw those assumptions about response time and contrast ratio out the window. IPS panels have the worst response times (typically 16 ms) and contrast ratios (typically <500:1) of any of the 3 major panel types, but have the best image quality by far and generally cost in excess of $1000.

If you have a $250 budget, you'll be looking at a 19" - 22" monitor that uses a TN panel (lowest grade of the 3 panel types). $250 will get you a feature-packed 19" monitor, a decent but basic 20" monitor, or a budget 22" monitor.

My picks:

19" Fullscreen - Samsung 931C
19" Widescreen - Viewsonic VX1945wm
20" Widescreen - LG L206WTY
22" Widescreen - Acer AL2223W/Dell E228WFP

If you can afford it, I would probably advise bumping up to a 20" VA panel, which will go for around $400 as it will offer much improved image quality and viewing angles over a TN panel.

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