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I have that case, love it!

Really need 12GB ram? Why not go with 6GB, and get faster DDR3-1600 ram? It's always easier to run 3 sticks rather than 6 sticks, it will clock faster and run tighter timings.

The CPU is fine. There isn't much to choose from in that newest socket, and unless you have money to burn, it is the one you want. Just be sure to get the DO stepping, it is the latest version with few improvements and capable to run faster clock speeds than previously. For the most part, NCIX is the only outlet that states the stepping of the CPU.

If you list your prices, folks here can help you find better deals. Or you can yourself, simply use the Price Compare link at the top of the page. Personally, I buy everything from NCIX, using their price match feature and finding the best prices wth Price Compare here.

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