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Mush: nope not just a single 24", also run a 22" 3D Samsung and a 42" Sharp Aquos

Thanks miggs, I really wanted to stay with the red for the Black/Red theme anyways, I thought about going with black but decided it would be too much black.

Well I got pleasant surprise from CP this morning around 10am, my Bitspower blocks arrived from Sidewinder! I only ordered them last Thursday so it really was a bit of a shocker. Anyhow, I went to take more pre-install pics and had dead batteries and I couldn't wait for the recharge so here are a few of the blocks installed.

I'm using a BP D-plug to join the cards but I may switch it out for the Koolance single slot SLI connector because it apprears to be just a tad too long and seems to be putting some pressure on the pcb's to the point they are curving somewhat. I'll have a closer look at it tomorrow and decide which way to go. These BP 1/2" Comp. fittings are HUGE! Too bad they don't fit on the Heatkiller blocks! I knew I should've ordered a couple dual rotary angle fittings! So if anyone has a couple kicking around that you can afford to part with me know, shipping a pair from Sidewinder is almost exactly the same as the price for the 2! :rtfm: I may just use barbs for now.

On to the pics:
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