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REAR IO parts:
8 x USB2.0
1 x Gigabit LAN

The North Bridge and CPU PWM heat sink

FOXCONN Flaming Blade GTI version is not support SLI.
The capacitors are all not solid state capacitors, and they put away the eSATA also.
These are the differences of FB and FB GTI.

Starting Screen


OC options page

CPU Features

DDR3 reference page, XMP, where the auto OC technology within.

The voltage parts:
CPU Core Voltage +10~1260mV(CPU, max: 2.54750V)
CPU VTT Voltage +20~1260mV
DRAM Voltage 1.50~2.86V
CPU Vdroop Compensation,This is for prevent the voltage go down when OC the Intel chipset
X58 IOH Core Voltage 1.10~1.60V(the interval is 0.02V)

OC gear
The system provides totally 8 storage spaces for Users to save their OC settings.

Hardware Monitor

The above is my test, stable at 200/1600.
I think you can do that on your own for some special settings.
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