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Default A few changes to the Monster

Well, as some may know by now I'm in the process of making a few lil' changes to My Pet Monster. First off I have to give a great big thank you to zlojack without whom these changes would not be possible, Thank You very much my friend

Ok, so here's what's goin' on, I'm swapping out my 3x 280's for a pair of 295's with HeatKiller waterblocks that I picked up in a trade deal with zlojack. These blocks weigh a TON and truly are Monsters!!

I also picked up the Primochill Typhoon III Res. for the MCP655 with Dual In/Outlets to use with 2 loops. I'm not really convinced about this part yet but I'm hoping it will do the job, having read Jackquelegs thread and chatting I have more info on what to look for and possible changes that may need to be made.

At this point I'm still reseaching for a second rad, I'd like to keep it internal and mount a MCR220 horizontally on the side panel (top 2 fan spaces) but having measured things as best I can I'm not 100% sure it'll fit, I may just have to order one and see how it goes.

Next on the list is a set of Bitspower Black Freezer Classified NB/SB and Mofset blocks that should be here Thurs. or Fri. which gives me time to pre-mearsure and pre-fit everything. I'm also jumping from 3/8" Koolance to 1/2" Bitspower Comp. fittings with Primochill Pro LRT Red tubing to complete the changes.

Here a few pics of these HK Monsters!
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